Cloudian OpenStack Integration

After we announced that Cloudian integrated with OpenStack, we have received questions about how these work together. We would like to introduce overview in this blog. 

1.Applicable Software Versions (適用バージョン)

These packages refer to Cloudian v3.0 and OpenStack version 2013.1.3 also known as Grizzly and have been tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4.
このパッケージは、Cloudian v3.0とGrizzyとして知られているOpenStack version 2013.1.3を適用しています。また、Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4で動作します。

2.Overview (概要)

Cloudian is a drop in object storage solution for OpenStack which is fully compatible with the Amazon S3 API. It can be used with or without Swift. With Cloudian as your OpenStack object storage solution, images and snapshots can enjoy easily expandable storage and users can easily share data/objects between their projects and instances directly from the UI or the command line.
Cloudianは、Amazon S3 APIに完全準拠するOpenStackのためのオブジェクトストレージ・ソリューションのひとつとなります。それは、Swiftとともに、若しくはSwift無しに利用することができます。OpenStackのオブジェクトストレージ・ソリューションとしてCloudianを利用することで、イメージやスナップショットは簡単に拡張性のあるストレージに保管できます。そして、利用者はUIやコマンドラインから直接、プロジェクトとインスタンスの間でデータ/オブジェクトを共有することができます。

3.OpenStack/Cloudian Mapping (OpenStackとCloudianのマッピング)

Each OpenStack project is mapped to one Cloudian user. One Cloudian user will own the buckets and objects that any OpenStack user in a particular project creates. Sharing is very easy within the same project and possible also by explicit sharing rules between projects.

Glance storage is mapped to a single bucket which is owned by the service project. The Glance user belongs to the services project.

4.Integration Points (統合ポイント)

4.1.Glance Integration (Glanceとの統合)

Glance already supports reading/writing images/snapshots to S3. Cloudian extends this support by implementing the S3 Multipart Upload API in Glance so that objects larger than 5GB can be stored.

4.2.Horizon Integration (Horizonとの統合)

For Horizon, Cloudian has added a per project button/link for the Cloudian Data Explorer. Clicking the link securely logs the project into Cloudian via Single-Sign-On and displays the Cloudian Data Explorer embedded in the Horizon UI where OpenStack users can directly upload/download shared data.
Horizonにおいて、CloudianはCloudianデータエクスプローラに個別のプロジェクトボタン/リンクを追加しています。リンクをクリックすることで、シングルサインオンで安全にCloudianをプロジェクトにログインし、OpenStack利用者が直接、共有データのアップロード/ダウンロードができる、Horizon UIに埋め込まれたCloudianデータエクスプローラを表示します。

4.3. Keystone Integration (Keystoneとの統合)

Keystone has been enhanced so that creating/deleting an OpenStack project also directly provisions/deprovisions a Cloudian user. In addition for projects already existing in your OpenStack installation, a Cloudian user will also be automatically provisioned the first time the project uses the Cloudian Data Explorer in Horizon.

The following video will help you to understand more about Cloudian OpenStack integration.