Cloudian Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager

CitrixのCloudPortal Business Manager 2.1がリリースされました。このCitrix CloudPortal Business Managerは、コマース、ユーザー管理、クラウドの運用面をひとつのクラウド・インターフェースに統合し、サービス化(Anything as a service:XaaS)することができます。
Citrix released CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1. Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager is a cloud services delivery platform that enables to unify the commerce, user management, provisioning and operational aspects of a cloud into a single cloud interface for delivering anything as a service (XaaS)

Cloudianは、このCitrix CloudPortal Business Manager向けに「Cloudian Connector」を提供しています。この「Cloudian Connector」 により、エンタープライズ企業とサービスプロバイダーは、CloudPortal Business Managerのセルフサービスポータルを通じてストレージをサービス化(Storage as a Service:STaaS)することが可能になります。
The Cloudian Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager extends these services to storage,thereby enabling enterprises and service providers to manage and deliver STaaS through a single, self-service portal

ここではその主な機能を紹介しましょう。Key features are followings.

ストレージ・サービス・カタログ(Storage Service Catalog
Create a customized catalog of storage offerings that can be delivered to selected user types, organizations, channels. Authorized users can then provision and consume storage ondemand.

柔軟な価格体系(Flexible Pricing Schemes
Associate subscription pricing with storage services based on regions, channels, currencies, organization, storage capacity, etc.

セルフサービス・プロビジョニング(Self-Service Provisioning
Browse and provision storage services ondemand from the services catalog using a simple, intuitive self-service portal. Services are provisioned automatically without any intervention from IT or the cloud operator.

利用量と課金記録(Usage & Bill Tracking
Access usage, billing and payment information on-demand using a self-service dashboard.

シングルサインオン(Single Sign-On
シングルサインオンにより、Citrix CloudPortal Business ManagerからCloudian Management Consoleを立ち上げ、アクセスできます。
Launch and access Cloudian Management Console from the Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager using single sign-on.

CloudianはCitrix CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStackとの互換性が試験、検証により実証され、「Citrix Ready」のクラウド認定を受けています。つまり、Citrix を採用するパブリッククラウドとプライベートクラウドは、CloudianによりS3同等のストレージサービスを柔軟に展開できるのです。

The Cloudian Storage platform is Citrix Ready® Cloud Verified, a designation signifying that the Cloudian storage solution has been tested and verified to work with Citrix CloudPlatform™, powered by Apache CloudStack.The integration with Cloudian brings the power and flexibility of our S3-compatible platform to a large and growing base of Citrix-powered public and private clouds. 

Cloudian delivers a fully S3 API compliant, multi-tenant, multi-data center cloud storage platform that enables enterprises and service providers to cost-effectively deploy an extremely scalable and reliable object storage service within public and private clouds.

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