Brief reviews of "NOSQL AFTERNOON in JAPAN"

Yesterday afternoon, November 1, 2010, "NOSQL AFTERNOON in JAPAN" was held at the Rakuten meeting room in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Almost 380 people joined this first NOSQL conference in Japan despite the weekday afternoon. Also this conference became the largest generic NOSQL event in the world.

 The meeting started from Opening Remarks from Shinya Motohashi (Gemini Mobile) and Tim Anglade (the founder of a nosql summer reading group), 

(picture from Prof. Shudo)

who co-organized this event, by showing appreciations to sponsors and supporters of  "Gemini Mobile Technologies", "InfinityGraph", "Scality", "10gen", "Cloudant", "CUPA", "Riptano" and "Rakuten". 

As presenters, eight plus one NOSQL projects of Japan and US showed up. The followings are presentations from them (to be updated)

(1) Hibari (Gemini Mobile Technologies) 
  Joe Norton presented  "Hibari". Hibari is written as "雲雀" in Kanji, which has the meaning of "Cloud Bird".

(2) Okuyama (Takahiro Iwase)
  Takahiro Iwase presented  "Okuyama"  named from his favorite driving road.

(Picture from Prof. Shudo)

(3) Cassandra (Riptano)
  Nate McCall presented "Cassandra", which was introduced as a hybrid of merits of BigTable and Dynamo.

(4) ROMA (Rakuten)
  Muga Nishizawa presented "ROMA" developed by motivations to create distributed systems by Ruby.

(5) MyCassandra (Shunsuke Nakamura)
  Shunsuke Nakamura is a graduate student of Tokyo Institute of Technologies and showed very unique project to mix up MySQL and Cassandra as "MyCassandra".

(6) Mongo DB (10gen)
  Roger Bodamer presented "Mongo DB" of 90,000DL per month with very nice Mongo DB stickers.

(Picture from Prof. Shudo)

(7) kumofs (Sadayuki Furuhashi)
  Sadayuki Furuhashi presented "kumofs". "Kumo (雲)" means "cloud" in Japanese and never falls down from the sky.

(8) Couch DB (Cloudant)
  Alan Hoffman presented Couch DB. The word of "Futon"comes from the Japanese style bedding, "布団". Combination of Couch and Futon are very nice. Thanks to 2GB free cloud access card.

(Picture from Prof. Shudo)

(9) HBASE/Hadoop (Cloudera)
  Todd Lipcon presented "HBASE/Hadoop". Thanks to rushing up from other appointments.

(Picture from Prof. Shudo)

This "NOSQL AFTERNOON in JAPAN" has received many positive feedbacks from attendees via Twitter by  "hashtag of "#nosqlgogo".  Also, you can watch presentations recorded in U-STREAM channel of "nosql-afternoon-in-japan

Recorded presentations
Part 1 (Opening Remarks, Hibari, Okuyama, Cassandra, ROMA, MyCassandra)
Part 2 (Mongo DB, kumofs)
Part 3 (Couch DB, HBASE/Hadoop, Closing Remarks)

The meeting proceeded as planned agenda to finish by 1830pm and all of 200 interpreter's receivers and 400 guest security card were successfully collected without any loss. We highly appreciate for Not Only many attendances but also supports and cooperations to run the meeting smoothly. Finally, thank you very much for a big applause from all.

(picture from Prof. Shudo)